Neurovasc Technology (Acquired) is making a mechanical thrombectomy device combining the ability to restore blood flow, administer medical therapy, and retrieve clots in patients experiencing acute ischemic stroke in order to reduce the risk of death.

Arrinex (Acquired by Stryker) is a team of California scientists that have designed a denervation solution that is custom fit to chronic rhinitis symptoms of congestion and nasal drainage, which could be worn during allergy season. It is almost 100 percent effective in preventing allergic reactions. We estimate that hay fever affects between 10 and 30 percent of the global population, and allergic rhinitis is one of the most common reasons for visits to physician’s offices.

Berkeley Lights (IPO NASDAQ: BLI) is a digital cell biology company that develops and commercializes platforms for the acceleration of discovery, development, and delivery of cell-based products and therapies. At the intersection of biology, technology, and information. BL's platforms automate the manipulation, analysis, and selection of individual cells, creating ultimate scalability and deep cell insights.

Lucira Health (IPO NASDAQ: LHDX) is a medical diagnostics company that develops and manufactures a new class of professional and home-health solutions to help elucidate health status and expedite treatment.  The clinically validated disposable molecular diagnostic platform provides physicians with high-quality data, on the spot, without capital investment in an instrument.



CeriBell is a medical device company based in Silicon Valley founded by two faculty members at Stanford University. The technology is a novel approach to acquiring and interpreting electroencephalography (EEG) data: the gold standard for critical neurological conditions such as seizures or other forms of altered mental state.

QuanDx is a molecular diagnostic developing technologies and products for a variety of clinical applications, including high-risk HPV genotyping assay, leukemia fusion genes screening, and a lung cancer testing panel, among others.

Emboline created a medical device that reduces the risk of brain damage from bypass surgery, heart valve replacement, electrophysiology ablation, etc. Not only for the brain, the patented Emboline technology is the only one that currently also protects downstream systems, including the kidneys.

Modular Surgical created a ground-breaking, adaptable surgical instrumentation system to enable more advanced, less invasive, and more comprehensive thoracoscopic and laparoscopic procedures. It is a fully-enabled mini- laparoscopy/thoracoscopy with reusable tool heads which allows for a reasonable kit price and better clinical outcomes.

Radiaction created a patented technology that provides protection to all personnel from radiation. Encapsulates the direct beam and scattered radiation. It is an applicable solution to a long-time pressing unmet need. It has great advantages over all the current radiation protection solutions.

Qool Therapeutics is dedicated to creating non-invasive, efficient temperature management therapies to preserve cells during neurosurgery, peripheral vascular surgery, and AAA surgery, etc. It can also be used in the military sector for the treatment of trauma, traumatic brain injury, and hyper.

Magnetic Insight is developing solutions in Magnetic Particle Imaging, a ground-breaking technology that will overcome major deficiencies with current clinical and translational imaging techniques. Magnetic Insight Inc. was founded by one of the leading research groups in the global field of Magnetic Particle Imaging from UC Berkeley

Refuge Biotechnologies is a company based in Silicon Valley founded by faculty members at Stanford University. Refuge Biotechnologies utilizes gene-editing technologies in cancer immunotherapy.

Aranz Healthcare has patented 3D image capture that allows measurements of depth and volume of wound care for diabetes patients. It interfaces with customers' existing general medical record systems. The technology is used in hospitals, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, home health, and telemedicine. The technology was recently featured on a BBC special.

Apostle Inc is a biotechnology company developing a novel bioinformatics-enabled nanotechnology aimed for early cancer detection. This new approach will enable the early assessment of the cancerous signals in human peripheral blood plasma, which is believed to have a significant impact on the global healthcare landscape in both developed and developing countries.

Falcon Therapeutics Inc is a biotechnology that is developing a revolutionary treatment for brain cancer utilizing autologous neural stem cells to seek and eliminate cancer cells. Based in Chapel Hill, it was founded by Shawn Hingtgen, a professor at the UNC-Chapel Hill Eshelman School of Pharmacy, and Karen Giroux, whose had over 26 years of experience successfully leading early-stage biotechnology companies and large enterprise development projects in the sector.

Zenflow is a biotechnology company that is developing a better treatment for up to 400 million men worldwide who suffer from urinary obstruction related to benign prostatic hyperplasia. It aims to give men a new option that relieves symptoms permanently without requiring a painful, invasive procedure and risking serious complications.

Sentire Medical Systems has developed and patented Perf-Alert™, a revolutionary monitoring system that will alert surgeons to the presence of bowel perforations during laparoscopic surgical procedures. This enables immediate intraoperative repair protecting patients from one of the most devastating and costly risks of laparoscopic surgery.

Apexigen is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing the next generation of antibody therapeutics for the treatment of cancer with an emphasis on new immuno-oncology products that harness the patient’s immune system to combat and eradicate cancer.

Pykus Therapeutics is a company developing a polymer-based hydrogel that has the potential to circumvent the many complications of retinal surgery. Both co-founders also completed their residencies at the Harvard Medical School-affiliated Massachusetts Eye and Ear (MEE).

Skyhawk Therapeutics is a drug discovery and development company focused on revolutionizing disease treatment with small molecules that correct RNA expression. The company’s founders are leading experts in small molecule therapeutics development for RNA-based disease. Their first drug candidates are targeted towards cancers and neurological conditions.

Devoro is a development stage device company with a novel flow restoration technology. Using its unique "WOLF" platform, Devoro is disrupting the thrombectomy industry by rapidly restoring blood flows in affected areas of the body. DeVoro Medical has already secured key IP and is currently in the product development stage.

Immune-Oncology is a cancer immunotherapy company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel biologic treatments for cancer patients. The company aims to translate unique scientific insights into the tumor microenvironment and immune-suppressive pathways to develop first-in-class biotherapeutics.

Neptune Medical is a medical device company that is developing a novel rigidization technology to improve the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal disease. The device allows for flexible endoscopy that can resolve kinematic and gastrointestinal medical issues. 

Corinth MedTech is a medical device company that is developing a bipolar trans-urethral resection system intended for endoscopically controlled prostate tissue removal for male patients diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It is designed to control and treat enlarged prostate in male patients by medical professionals.

Atia Vision is a medical device company that is developing a technology that enables natural accommodation, utilizing the ciliary muscles of the eye and providing for subsequent refractive correction in order to restore the full range of functional vision for cataract patients

Tioga Medical is a medical device company that delivers an elegant transcatheter valve replacement experience that is procedurally simpler and less invasive than current mitral or tricuspid approaches, many of which require transapical access, intricate device sizing regimens, andor excessive bulk in the ventricles.

Cloud MedX is a Healthcare AI company aimed to help physicians and patients use their own data to make data driven decisions. CloudMedx has a proprietary Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning infrastructure that can be integrated into Electronic Health records and help doctors automate their daily workflows around identification of risk, care planning, and revenue cycle management.

Huma.AI is a business intelligence company that automates healthcare data through natural language programming by serving as the connective tissue between system silos allowing "mere mortals" to automatically access data, gain insights and take action using everyday language.

Meditrina is developing a fully disposable endoscopes and an all-inclusive office-based or clinical visualization system that can diagnose and treat various gynecological disorders in women's health.

Alpine BioTherapeutics is developing the next generation stem cell-based therapy to treat blindness. The mission is to create a stem cell-based therapy to preserve and restore eyesight in patients afflicted by dry age-related macular degeneration (dry-AMD) and retinitis pigmentosa (RP).

Tangible Sciences is developing a family of products, including a contact lens coating, cleaner, coating "rejuvenator" and line of disposable lenses to make lenses more comfortable while promoting ocular health.

Zap Surgical is a medical device company that combines self-shielding technology with high dose rate linear-accelerator delivery to streamline treatment of brain tumors and conditions of the head and neck. With a unique self-shielded design that typically eliminates the need for traditional radiation vaults, ZAP-X enables simple point-of-care delivery in locations previously unfeasible or cost-prohibitive, including physician offices, ambulatory surgery centers, and satellite facilities. 

OrthoFx is a clear aligners therapy company that is the first direct-to-consumer sold, doctor delivered clear aligners brand. It focuses on consumer's end-to-end experience, offering face-to-face doctor care, clear-cut pricing and trusted results. OrthoFX is the first company to offer the convenience of comfortable, clear aligners designed through a proprietary material - FXTetra aligner- which delivers 50% faster treatment. From the beginning of the straightening journey, OrthoFX provides a frictionless experience that is fun and supports patients every step along the way.

Mediar Therapeutics is biotechnology company developing therapeutics to halt, or even, reverse fibrosis. The platform and pipeline are based on an emerging class of novel targets, fibrotic mediators, that play key roles in modulating myofibroblast biology and the development of fibrosis in chronically damaged organs.

Zeto is a medical technology company that is transforming the Electroencephalography (EEG) experience for healthcare. zEEG is a commercially available wireless EEG headset backed by a cloud platform that offers instant upload, tools for analysis and remote interpretation by neurologists. 

Noah Medical is a medical device startup working on next-generation disruptive technologies to improve clinical outcomes and better serve patients. The company is located in California.

FemDx Medsystems, Inc is a medical device company dedicated to the innovation of women's health located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Abcuro is a biopharmaceutical company developing a new generation of immunomodulatory therapeutics for treating both autoimmunity and cancer.

Aqua Medical is a medical device company that developed a platform technology that provides endoscopic non-surgical, outpatient ablation treatment of multiple sites throughout the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

SetPoint Medical is a pioneering bioelectronic medicine company that offers patients and providers a safe and cost-effective approach for the treatment of chronic autoimmune disease.

EpimAb Biotherapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in bispecific antibodies focused around immune-oncology. All bispecifics are based on a proprietary platform, FIT-Ig (Fabs in Tandem) and multiple FIT-Igs have already been successfully generated binding to small, large, soluble, or membrane-bound antigens with biochemical and biophysical properties similar to their parent monospecific antibodies.

Sporos Bioventures is a new biotechnology enterprise, based in Houston with a presence in New York and Boston, utilizing a novel holding company structure designed to build a diversified portfolio of highly innovative therapeutic product opportunities in oncology, fibrosis, inflammation, and autoimmune and infectious diseases.

CeriBell is a medical device company based in Silicon Valley founded by two faculty members at Stanford University. The technology is a novel approach to acquiring and interpreting electroencephalography (EEG) data: the gold standard for critical neurological conditions such as seizures or other forms of altered mental state.
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