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We focus on investment opportunities within medical devices, biopharma, and healthcare that have clinical benefits for significant unmet needs.

With our unsurpassed knowledge, industry experience, and comprehensive network in the medical device and healthcare sectors, we work actively with founders and entrepreneurs to build successful businesses. We use a collaborative approach to partner with entrepreneurs, leverage our network, and deliver outstanding returns and value for shareholders.


Our expertise falls in our understanding of global market opportunities, valuation assessment for medical device companies, and building long-term relationships with founders.

At ShangBay Capital, we have executed great deals, successfully helped startups commercialize their products, and expanded their business footprint. ShangBay has also established a successful record of working with various regulatory agencies to get products approved by the FDA. Leveraging our experience and our broad network of operators and clinicians, portfolio companies have been able to accelerate their growth.

We also have a deep understanding of the complex market dynamics of the medical device industry in the U.S. and globally, which is why ShangBay is uniquely capable of valuing the market potential of new companies and products. This allows us to bring the most disruptive products to the U.S. and global markets, while delivering exceptional returns to our investors.

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