Our Interns

Each summer, ShangBay Capital takes in several talented young individuals from colleges across the nation to learn the inner workings of venture capital. 


Intern Team

Our 2021 cohort consists of students majoring in Business, Economics, and STEM at top universities, including Stanford, Cornell, NYU, UC Berkeley, and UCLA.


Research Presentations

Interns are assigned a 3 month project to conduct a deep dive into lucrative and emerging markets within the Medical Device and Biopharma landscape. Final presentations are held for our LPs and internal team to amplify company expertise. 



Team Bonding

Consisting of students pursuing diverse academic backgrounds, interns are placed in an accelerated growth environment where they can share their experiences and learn from one another.


Weekly Pitch Sessions

Our team participates in early discussions of deal sourcing where interns are enabled to share their research and gain invaluable insight behind the process. 

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