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Our Story

At ShangBay Capital, we have the privilege to empower inventors in bringing innovative technologies to healthcare. We have two primary criteria in choosing projects: our ethics criteria guides us to select only the technologies that can best improve patient outcomes and quality of life; our efficacy criteria means that we only work with leadership teams that have the experience and skill to bring those technologies to fruition.



The ShangBay team has a combined 100+ years of experience in industries spanning leading healthcare institutions both in the U.S. and abroad. Our Founding Managing Partner, Managing Partner, Venture Partner, and Senior Advisors have assumed critical leadership roles at medical device giants such as Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Microport, EV3, Barrx Medical,Target Therapeutics, Silk Road Medical, Stereotaxis, Lucira Health, Medina Medical, Devoro Medical, and Fluidigm. In addition, our team brings a wealth of biopharmaceutical experience from leading corporations such as Millennium Pharmaceutical, Abbott Bioresearch, and ShangPharma. Our team has an extensive network with leading academic, regulatory, incubators, and venture institutions such as the FDA, UCLA School of Medicine, The Foundry, and IVP. The decades of combined experience have allowed us to foster deep ties to strategics and establish a strong ecosystem amongst experienced innovators in disruptive technologies.

Opportunity Fund

To date, ShangBay has invested in over 50 portfolio companies with multiple successful exits. Over the past few years, we’ve had the privilege to partner with some of the leading leaders, investors and strategics in the Medtech community. Since ShangBay’s founding in 2015, the firm has raised three Funds and is in the process of raising its Opportunity Fund that is designated to conduct follow-on investments in growth and later stage rounds of existing portfolio companies. The Opportunity Fund allows ShangBay’s investors to access its high-performing companies at reduced risks with a quicker turnaround towards exit.


We work with the best in our space: we have invited serial entrepreneurs into our partnership and have guidance from leaders in biotech, pharma, and various other fields. Our diverse team of advisors and partners help us make excellent investments, and our broad network built over decades of industry experience ensures that we get the best deals at the earliest stages of funding. Our goal is to build ShangBay as a world class Medtech focused venture capital firm and serve as a critical player to back top tier medtech startups. With rising healthcare costs and growing capital market demand, we believe the need for novel and breakthrough medical technologies is higher than ever.

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To learn more about ShangBay, our philosophy, or how you can be a part of our vision, please contact us using the form below.

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